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DogDays Magazine

Pre-order DogDays Magazine Year Book 2022

Pre-order DogDays Magazine Year Book 2022

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Pre-order DogDays Year Book 2022
Attention: the magazines will be shipped around February 22nd!

It’s time for another fabulous year book full of roller skating. Once again, the DogDays crew set out to look behind the scenes and collect stories and images from the world. They dug out some pearls from the past and met some of the most iconic skaters and creators who have been shaping this community in the past years.

Where is roller skating heading business-wise? How did the tricks we do change throughout the years? Do influencers get caught up in like count? And who made this year’s cover!? Questions after questions… Be prepared for answers and expect the unexpected!

DogDays is Europe’s first print magazine for roller skating, based in Germany. What started in 2018 as a quarterly zine, evolved to an international, annual publication. The past year books sold out quickly. So, don’t be late to save yourself this beautiful documentation of contemporary roller skating culture. The DogDays Magazine #7 year book is a high-quality print product, full magazine size (94 pages), printed by a local printer in Germany.

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