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Grindstone Skate

Grindstone Heartstopper lils - heart shaped toe stops for quad rollerskates, short stem

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Giddy up! These teenie weenie inbetweenies are small like a jam plug but thick like a toe stop. Made of the same high quality 100% natural rubber as Deadstop Heartstoppers, you can wear these bbs at the skatepark, in the street, and on ramps. The gradual wear of Heartstopper LiLs will be able to ease you in to the world of jam plugs or taking your toe stops out completely! Due to their size and performance, the Lils come in short stem only. Deadstop rubber gives skaters more controlled stops with less slide! Have a strong yet pliable stick for advanced toe stop tricks, stalls, and dead stops + no more slip when running out of bowls!